Geothermal Engineering & Design

  • Certified design engineers will develop the most cost-effective system that meets the needs of the owner

Geothermal Drilling & Installation 

  • The most effective experienced drilling and installation team will insure systems are installed efficiently, effectively and warrant its work

Energy Conservation Consulting

  • Conducts “Energy Efficiency Audits” and “Comprehensive Feasibility Studies”

Project Management

  • Experienced project managers insure that the customer’s timetable and specific requirements are met

HVAC System Design and Installation

  • Full service licensed commercial HVAC contractor providing complete engineering design and installation solutions

Systems Financing

  • GEO has identified financing opportunities that may be utilized to offset the initial capital investment for installing systems

  • Flood controls systems
  • Infrastructure construction
  • Commercial and Institutional Building Construction
  • Water and Sewer Line and RelatedStructures Construction
  • Facilities Management:

Detroit Headquarters
7310 Woodward Avenue Suite 700 Detroit, MI 48202 (313) 874-3910 (office)
(313) 420-0335 (fax)

Memphis Office 
5118 Park Avenue Suite 315 Memphis, TN 38117
901-684-0167 (office)
(901) 684-0173 (fax)